【演講】12/13(三) Sparse Signal Detection in Genomics

  • 2017-11-24
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演講人     Dr. Rajarshi Mukherjee (加州柏克萊大學生物統計系)
演講題目 Sparse Signal Detection in Genomics
時間地點 12月13日12:20-13:20  213教室


Massive genetic data presents us with several statistical challenges. One particular challenge is to develop effective strategies for signal detection from large scale genetic and genomic data when signals are possibly weak and sparse.  In this talk, motivated by next generation sequencing studies with binary outcomes, we explore a delicate balance between minor allele frequencies, number of causal genetic variants, and their effect sizes in deciding whether a practitioner can hope to detect associations between diseases and genotypes.  In particular, we observe a new phenomenon in the behavior of the sparse signal detection problems which does not occur in the case of continuous outcomes. The discussion will be complemented using numerical simulations and data examples from genetic association studies.