Dedicating to Global Tuberculosis Prevention: Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin awarded by Ten Outstanding Young Person’s Foundation

  • 2014-11-13
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Photo: Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin (3rd from left) from Institute of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine in CPH, received the award in Social Service granted by Ten Outstanding Young Person’s Foundation. Above is a group photo of all the recipients at the Award Ceremony that took place on Oct. 24th 2014.

As one of the award recipient of 52th annual Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of Taiwan, Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin from CPH received the award in Social Service. The award ceremony took place on Oct. 24th, at the multi-purpose Taoyuan Arts Center. After Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin graduated from School of Medicine, NTU, he went to the rural area of Hua Lian to serve as a family physician (Figure 1). It was during this period that he discovered public health problems are the origins of many diseases in the rural area, which motivated him to pursue public health research in Harvard University. After returning to National Taiwan University as a teacher, Associate Professor Lin began helping CPH to expand its contribution in global health (Figure 2). His research studies in TB prevention are internationally recognized; some developing countries even took his research as the basis for the country’s disease prevention policy. See the link below for more detail:

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Figure 1 – Group photo of Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin and his medical team at the Peace Clinical Station of Mennonite Christian Hospital

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Figure 2 – Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin leading students from Department of Public Health to overseas practicum at Malawi in 2012

The annual Ten Outstanding Young Persons (TOYP) of Taiwan is initiated and organized by Taiwan Junior Chamber, and has continued for 52 years since 1963. The purpose of the award is to honor outstanding young people from various sectors of society and a range of fields who must be above the age of 20 and under 40. Through recognizing the achieved distinction, the award recipients become role models of the young people in our new generation. TOYP award is divided into ten categories :( a) Scientific and technological research and development; (b) Education of grass-roots workers; (c) Business, entrepreneurship and economic development; (d) Medical research; (e) Social / Community service; (f) Sports skills; (g) Culture and Art; (h) Public administration; (i) Agriculture, fisheries and environment; (j) Contribution to children, gender and human rights. The winners will receive a certificate and a golden hand trophy.
The list below is the award recipients of TOYP in the past years that are also full-time professors of CPH, NTU: Chi-Tai Fang (2004), Chang Chuan Chan (2000), Wei J. Chen (1997), Tung-liang Chiang (1992).
Video of Associate Professor Hsien-Ho Lin being interviewed by DaAi TV: