【Forum with key sister college】National Taiwan University, NTU - University of Illinois at Urbana, UIUC: Academic Exchange & Smart cities Healthy cities Forum. Event date: 2014-11-04/05. Location: CPH

  • 2014-10-31
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Event Date:2014-11-04/05
Event Title:National Taiwan University, NTU - University of Illinois at Urbana, UIUC : Academic Exchange & Smart-Healthy cities Forum.
Location:College of Public, NTU
About the event
    University of Illinois at Urbana, UIUC is a key indicator of NTU’s Aim for the Top University Plan. Therefore, Office of International Affairs, NTU, initiated interdisciplinary collaboration between schools and professors, to make the first academic exchange event of NTU & UIUC possible. We hope that this precious networking opportunity will guide us to improvement in development, education, and international collaborations by exploring together the series of problems we face in the modern world. The topic of this forum is “Smart Cities Healthy Cities”, focusing on three sub-topics including “Healthy Aging in Urban Environments”, “Water, Air and Environment”, and “Built Environment and Health”.
CPH is responsible for organizing the sub-topic of “Healthy Aging in Urban Environments”, led by Wei J. Chen (Dean of CPH) and Chang Chuan Chan (Associate Dean of CPH & Director of Global Health Center) along with Ya-Mei Chen (Assistant Professor of Institute of Health Policy & Management), Chang-Fu Wu ( Professor of Institute of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Hygiene), Duan-Rung Chen (Director of Institute of Health Behaviors and Community Sciences), Gen-Shuh Wang (Director of Environmental & Occupational Health Research Center), Tung-liang Chiang (Professor of Institute of Health Policy & Management), and Yen-Ching Chen (Associate Professor of Institute of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine).
Aside from the interdisciplinary forum that will take place at the main campus of NTU on the first of the event, we specially invited scholars from UIUC to visit NTU for two days on November 4th-5th. We cordially welcome all professors and students of CPH to participate in this academic exchange event.
The event is divided into two sections. On Tuesday, November 4th, 13:30-17:00, we will provide a tour around CPH’s education & research environment for the professors from UIUC, followed by a Global Health Perspectives Exchange Conference. On Wednesday, November 5th, 12:20-15:00, we invited Professor Elizabeth A.L. Stine-Morrow from UIUC, who specializes in educational psychology, as well as Associate Professor Laura L. Payne, who does recreational sports and tourism studies, to give special presentations on Healthy Aging in Urban Environments. After the conference, there will be a Round-table Discussion on research students’ professional and academic career path. By providing this precious face-to-face communication platform for foreign scholars with professors and students of CPH, NTU, we hope to achieve the goals of promoting research students’ career matchmaking, and cross-national academic collaborations.

   We welcome all professors and students from CPH to participate in this event. Please see below for the detailed schedule of the event: